Nella prima puntata di “President’s Corner”, Marisol Casado (Presidente World Triathlon e membro CIO) ha dato il benvenuto a tutta la famiglia del Mondo Triathlon nella esaltante stagione 2024 che ci apprestiamo a vivere.

Ha citato i grandi eventi internazionali, a partire dalle Olimpiadi e Paralimpiadi di Paris 2024, passando per le Grand Finals di Malaga, i Mondiali Multisport di Townsville, sino ad arrivare ai Mondiali di Winter Triathlon di Pragelato.

E proprio a proposito della triplice invernale, Casado ha dipinto un futuro roseo e splendente: la possibilità sempre più concreta di poter arrivare a vedere il winter triathlon inserito nel programma dei Giochi Invernali…

… Di Milano Cortina 2026 lo aggiungiamo noi!

“What a legacy that would be!”

Dear members of the triathlon family,

Welcome to the first edition of the President’s monthly newsletter. First of all, let me wish you a very happy and successful Olympic and Paralympic year. In a fabulous 2023, we crowned Beth Potter and Dorian Coninx as World Champions and saw incredible competitions all over the world thanks to our committed organisers and partners, athletes and National Federations, who all work incredibly hard to ensure the best possible stages for our athletes to compete on.

I really hope that during the holidays period you had a little bit of time to take a rest, because we have a thrilling year ahead! The 2024 season promises to be extraordinary, marked by so many events, including the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Championship Finals Malaga, the Multisports World Championships Townsville, Winter World Championships Pragelato and many other events. Our athletes, the heartbeat of our sport, are ready to inspire the world once more. And we all are ready to shine with them.

But beyond the thrill of competition, this season holds a lot of significance for World Triathlon and for myself. It’s a season that calls for unity, cooperation, and a collective commitment to the growth and prosperity of our sport.

Together with our National Federations, we will forge stronger bonds, share more knowledge, and work harder on the development of our sport. It’s time to move forward hand in hand, empowering each other to elevate the sport of triathlon to new heights.

Before we dive into February and the start of the new season, I will be travelling to Gangwon, in Korea, for the Youth Winter Olympic Games. A great opportunity to promote one of the newer additions to our roster of events, winter triathlon, with the aim of seeing triathlon included in the Winter Olympics programme in the near future. What a legacy that would be!

So, I wish you all very well as we get 2024 underway. This promises to be a magical year, so let’s make the magic happen together!

Yours in sport,

Marisol Casado
World Triathlon President
IOC member

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