The United States women were a force to be reckoned with in 2015. Multiple U.S. women staked claims of the World Cup circuit, including Kaitlin Donner and Renee Tomlin that were able to earn gold medals in New Plymouth and Chengdu. But when it came to the World Triathlon Series, a single trio dominated the season.

Claiming 16 of the 30 potential medals in the WTS alone, Gwen Jorgensen, Sarah True and Katie Zaferes powerhoused their way through the year. However, it was their performances in WTS Gold Coast and WTS London that earned them a spot in our “Best of 2015” countdown. The threesome seized two landmarks when they swept both WTS podiums during the season, a feat that had not happened since the Australians did so in Hamburg in 2011.

The first cleansweep occurred in Gold Coast, the third stop of the 2015 season. All three women executed a phenomenal performance throughout all three disciplines in order to control the podium. Jorgensen grabbed the gold medal despite having to serve a 15-second penalty. True followed up and took home the silver and Zaferes finished up the placings with the bronze.

Gold Coast

The second sweep of the year happened in the London. Jorgensen continued her undefeated record as she took home the gold medal to claim her tenth-straight WTS title. She then was joined by fellow compatriots Zaferes and True who earned the silver and bronze.