ITU experts, Franz Studer from South Africa and Eugene Lee form Singapore, conducted an ITU level 1 coaching course hosted in Amman, Jordan from December 1-5. The coaching course was joined by 13 candidates with a coaching background in triathlon-related sports mostly in Jordan. Throughout the course, they had shown their eagerness to learn about triathlon coaching with the hopes to develop our sport in their country and region.

Even with the many challenges faced, the two facilitators’ understanding the needs of the emerging countries, managed to get over them and create a cheerful mood for participants to commit their best effort to upgrade knowledge and coaching skills.

Firas Al Hmood, one of the participants from Jordan, expressed that they can be more confident on their coaching after 5 days of coaching practices and exercises. “We really appreciate two ITU facilitators who made an effort to help us be better coaches.” Said Faisal Hourani who has been coaching swim for more than 20 years.

Franz Studer, ITU Facilitator tried his best to keep the participants open minded by asking many questions because many of them have coaching careers in other sports. “I am privileged to work with coaches from the Middle East again. I will help them build the solid foundation to reach next level.” Franz said.

ITU facilitator Eugene Lee, expressed his satisfaction on the course by commenting that the Middle East has great potential and all they require now would be specific coach education and exposure in the sport.

Ki, ASTC Sports Development Coordinator, expressed “we placed another important foot step to boost our sport development in the Middle East. Jordan Triathlon Federation is planning to host the inaugural West Asian Triathlon Championships next year. We will find out what we can do for the success of the race.”

Next project in Asia is ASTC- ITU Development Talent Identification Camp in Thailand from January 26th to 31st.